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Casino Adrenaline is absolutely committed to fair play. Trustworthiness is the keystone for running our casino and building our visitor base – who keep coming back for more! To ensure fair gaming environment, we use a random number generator so that every player has an equal chance of hitting that big win. This kind of software provides for complete fairness and randomness.

Aside from fair gaming policy, Casino Adrenaline emphasizes responsible gaming. We want to take a quick notice of some issues we do not encourage:

A player who has set a limit or exclusion under this regulation may change or revoke the limit or exclusion by written notice or electronic notice given to the licensee.
A notice increasing or revoking a limit or decreasing the exclusion has effect only after 24 hours after the licensee has received the notice.
A notice reducing a limit or increasing the exclusion has effect immediately after it is received by the licensee.
A licensee shall not accept a wager from a player contrary to a limit or exclusion set by the user
In addition we give you the option to impose limits on the amount of money you would like to deposit per month or whether you want to exclude yourself for a certain period of time from playing in the casino.  In case you have set a limit or exclusion we will only change or revoke the limit by written notice. A notice increasing or revoking a limit or decreasing the exclusion has effect only after 24 hours after the request has been received. A notice reducing a limit or increasing the exclusion has effect immediately after it is received and confirmed by our support. All requests for limits must be send to support@casinoadrenaline.com.
All requested deposit limits will be monitored by support and handled manually. Once the player reaches the desired limit, further depositing will be blocked. Support cannot prevent the player from making a single deposit that exceeds the desired deposit limit.


Gambling can absolutely be fun and profitable, and although the majority of players enjoy online casinos and its thrills responsibly, we do acknowledge there are some who gamble outside of the limits of their own budget. A problem gambler is someone with a continuous urge to gamble despite harmful negative consequences or a desire to stop. Addiction to gambling is a recognized psychological condition, with treatment programs available in many countries.

We trust our players to know their limits and gamble according to their budget, and treat it as a source of entertainment, rather than a way to make easy money. As stated earlier, as a part of our fair gaming policy, winnings are completely randomized, so there is no way to manipulate the luck.

If you recognize problem gambling symptoms in yourself, please refer to these sources for additional help:





We absolutely do NOT support underage gaming and we make sure our players go through age verification checks to confirm they are of legal age to gamble. You have to be at least 18 years old to open an account with Casino Adrenaline. This is to protect you and your children.

If an adult shares a computer with a minor, they should make sure to prevent access to usernames, passwords, and banking-details.

There is also software you can use for this purpose. Two examples are:



If you need more help you can always contact us and request support and additional information.

At Casino Adrenaline, fair and responsible gaming are the way to go. They are the foundation upon which to enjoy the exciting, fun and adrenaline-filled world of online gaming!